Drypp Skergel

Trust is the most common fatal illness - benevolence the most common flaw of will

Str 8 -1 Con 12 +1 For 14
Dex 19 +4 Int 19 +4 Ref 19
Wis 12 +1 Cha 10 +0 Wil 14
Init 6 HP 49 AC 19

Background: Captivity (+2 stealth)

skill total lvl+abi trained race feat background item
Acrobatics 12 7 5
Arcana 7 7 -
Athletics 2 2 -
Bluff 8 3 5
Diplomacy 3 3 -
Dungeoneering 11 4 5 2
Endurance 4 4 -
Heal 4 4 -
History 7 7 -
Insight 4 4 -
Intimidate 3 3 -
Nature 4 4 -
Perception 9 4 5
Religion 7 7 -
Stealth 20 7 5 2 2 2 2
Streetwise 3 3 -
Thievery 12 7 5

Feats: Silent Shot Student, Backstabber, Svirfneblin Weapon Proficiency, Two-Fisted Shooter
(future feats: Risky Shift, Improved Cunning Sneak

At Will: Piercing Strike, Gloaming Cut
Encounter: 1 Shadow Strike, 3 Shadow Steel Roll
Daily: 1 Blinding Barrage, 5 Lurker’s Assault
Utility: 2 Agile Recovery, 6 Chameleon

Sneakers – +2 stealth, feet slot
Silent Spike – +2 Subtle Light Pick
+1 Hand crossbow

Future paragon path: Master Infiltrator

( under construction…
Danger sense(PH),
Improved defenses(PH2)(Heroic),
Bleeding backstab(MP),
Fleet footed(PH),

Future epic destiny: Dark Wanderer (MP)

Bow mastery(PH),
Unfettered stride(PH),
Robust defenses(PH2),
Whirlwind sneak attack(MP),
One with shadow(MP),
Martial mastery(MP)
… )


Drypp was born in Blingdenstone where he lived until its tragic demise on his twenty-first year in FaerĂșn.

His childhood was in many ways typical of a svirfneblin boy but in some ways clearly not so. The family had a reputation for meddling in dark arts and Drypp’s father, Tiggle, was known for strange behaviour and mystical skills. Perhaps he had entered a dark pact or he was just mentally ill. Nobody really knew.

In bringing up Drypp and his sisters there were significant talk of the importance of strength and the necessity of vengeance. Callarduran was praised of course, but even the Glutton was mentioned with some reverance. To any normal gnomish family this would be unthinkable. – Where did that staircase in the cellar really go? Old Tiggle claimed that the intricate lock on the hatch was to guard the family hoard of rubies and precious wines and heirlooms. Nobody knew for sure.

Drypp managed to escape the destruction of Blingdenstone while his family was wiped out before his eyes. If he wasn’t hateful enough of the drow before then he gradually became so. Fleeing alone, cold and hungry through the Underdark for weeks – not knowing where to go or what dangers lay in wait – he eventually reached the surface near Silverymoon and reluctantly settled there for a few years.

He tried to restore harmony and stability in life, began training as an architectural engineer with the local dwarves, but was plagued by his memories and burrowing lust for vengeance on the drow. People around him noticing his seething hatred and bouts of violence reacted with disgust and prejudice, driving him farther away from fruitful relations and deeper into a paranoid depression.

Eventually Drypp could not come to terms with the naive sentiment of people in Silverymoon, their unfounded trust in other people, the hollow ideals that would inevitably crumble when catastrophe dawned. It was only a matter of time after all. In time all civilizations fall and only the strong and ruthless survive to rebuild them. And now the time had come for Drypp to hit the road and start looking for a way to end the plague called the drow once and for all.

Setting out eastbound I came across a strange beast-man by the road. No doubt it was far away from home and visibly lacking in will and mind. I needed a bodyguard for travelling the highly unsafe Silver Marches. Yes, it would make a useful pawn.

Drypp Skergel

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