Barring the introduction to the campaign any information may be in Swedish.


As the sleet of rain falls upon the haphazard band of adventurers, their eyes are drawn to the rows of corpses hanging in cages along the road leading up to the grey walls of a city. Disoriented after a harrowing journey through dark corridors and planar tunnels they head for the city gates….

This is the tale of a rescue mission gone awry, where the characters find themselves perpetually lost in the many folds of the multiverse and forced to rectify the balance of the universes before it is to late and all is lost. The epic tale leads the characters from backwater towns in forgotten realms, through enchanted forests into strange lands using strange technologies, all through death’s gate and out the other side. To battle the darkness before the beginning.

In the beginning there where only her; nothing stirred within her then; a blossom of order spread and devoured her; reducing her; balancing her. Thus was the multiverse born, now it must die.

Will the characters prevail through this epic saga or will they fail and bring the collapse of the entire multiverse.

In the depths of darkness

Dodbanner Lorkonius sandrae Netzach Pyrola Skrofler